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Say When

for video and electronics

Say When (2021)





video director: Jessica Segall
music & sound: Iddo Aharony
cellist: Sophie Webber
audio mastering: Justin Maike
director of photography: Ian Rowan

Say When is set throughout the United States’ Solar Energy Zones — 250,000 acres of public land designated for solar infrastructure that is almost entirely unused. Sonically, the composer synthesized the sound of the cello with sounds processed from recordings of static electricity. Visually, the video artist walks through the desert landscape holding a mirror to the sky, personifying a heliostat, a centuries old technology that generates energy from the sun. Say When reminds us of our ability to manifest a world powered by the sun in the Solar Energy Zones and far beyond.

This work was commissioned in 2021 by Little Sun, an organization promoting climate action and universal access to clean energy, as part of a project stewarded by an advisory board composed of global leaders in climate and art. The films commissioned will form the foundation of an experimental curriculum for 16-18 year olds that will roll out in Ethiopia, Senegal, and the United States in Autumn 2021.

Piece page on Little Sun website

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