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Breaking Ice

for cello, live electronics and video

Breaking Ice (2013-14)





Created for Fused Muse Ensemble

Composer and Electronics: Iddo Aharony 
Video Artist: Jessica Segall
Cellist and co-creator: Sophie Webber 
Physicist-collaborators: Ivo Peters and Qin Xu

a short documentary clip about the making of the piece, produced by the UChicago Arts-Science Initiative:

Breaking Ice is the outcome of an extended collaboration between its artistic creators and University of Chicago physicists Peters and Xu. The project aims to speak to the increasing rate of melting and disintegrating glaciers by creating a laboratory-controlled model of the much larger-scale phenomenon. Ice - crushed and melting - was examined and documented, and ultimately used as core source material and inspiration for the musical/visual piece. The music combines improvisatory elements and real-time electronics with pre-composed sections.


Breaking Ice is the first of four works within the larger-scale project ‘Earthscapes.’


The work was made possible thanks to a 2014 University of Chicago Arts-Science Initiative Grant, as well as residencies at the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts and the Blue Mountain Center.


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