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for soprano and ensemble

adama (2015)





video from premiere performance at soundSCAPE festival

     Maccagno, Italy, July 14, 2015

   Tim Weiss, conductor

   Tony Arnold, soprano
   James Burch, cello
   Dieter Hennings, guitar
   Aiyun Huang, percussion
   Gleb Kanasevich, clarinet
   Matt Kline, double bass
   Thomas Rosenkranz, piano

Text (in Hebrew, by the composer):

Dam ledam,                                 דם לדם
adama le'adama                 אדמה לאדמה 
dam le'adama ledam        דם לאדמה לדם 
le'adama ledam                     לאדמה לדם
adama ledam le’adam.   אדמה לדם לאדם

- (the words "dam", "adama" and "adam" all appear in the first few chapters of Genesis, and stem from the same root. "dam" means blood; "adama" can be translated as soil or earth or land; "adam" means human or man; "le" is a connecting letter, which can mean"for" or “to".)

Dam nispag ba'adama ... דם נספג באדמה

- (blood is soaked in the adama (soil/earth/land)…)

Uma yitzmakh min ha'adama?   ומה יצמח מן האדמה

- (and what will grow out of the adama?)

Uma tatzmi'akh ha'adama?  ומה תצמיח האדמה

- (and what will the adama grow?)

videography by Tina Tallon ;

audio recording by Aaron Crawford and Tristan MacCay

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